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Conni and I, despite being Edmonton boudoir photographers, know what it’s like to be plagued with insecurities, and negative body image.  It has taken me a long time to come to accept and appreciate the body I have and all of its marvellous strengths, so I know what a journey it is.  We started photographing boudoir back in 2009 and noticed that after a boudoir session our clients left the studio feeling more confident and sexier than ever- even before they had looked at any photos from their session.  Just photographing these sessions left us feeling confident and sexy too.  I came to realize that boudoir is really an act of self love.  Conni and I have spent many years hiding behind the camera because we didn’t love our image (whether it be no make-up days, a hormonal zit or weight ups and downs), but we have both discovered that there is no perfect time to be photographed.  The reality is that loving yourself is a conscious choice you make every day.  Replacing negative self talk with positive affirmations not only affects our self perception it also affects our mothers, sisters, friends and daughters.  A boudoir session is a little luxury to celebrate yourself – and we love celebrating it with you too.

Conni moved this year (last week) and with the new house comes a gorgeous studio space that we are so excited to share with you. We spent 2017 really focusing on our amazing wedding clients (many of whom we photographed bridal boudoir session for).  With the new studio space we thought that it would be the perfect time to give the boudoir side of our business some extra love.  We have decided to launch our “Brand Rep” program this year!  We are currently recruiting 2018 brand representatives to experience a boudoir session with us.  Brand reps will receive a complimentary boudoir session in our new Edmonton studio along with a bunch of extra perks that come with representing our brand to their friends and followers on social media!

To get more information about being a part of our program please send a link to your instagram account, as well some information about who you are and your journey towards self love and self acceptance!  We can’t wait to work with you!

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