Edmonton Boudoir Photography

Conni and I love boudoir photography.  I can be wearing Lulu’s and a pony tail, but I leave every boudoir session feeling sexy.  There is something about seeing a woman being comfortable in her own skin, it rubs off and makes everyone around her more confident.  Conni and I have had a few boudoir clients tell us that after they shot their boudoir session they left the studio feeling like they just did something special, something that commemorated them!  After a boudoir shoot Conni and I also feel like we have been a part of something bigger than just a photo session, we have been part of an experience.

Thank you so much to our amazing hair stylist Stacy and our MUA Sabah for being amazing and pampering all the beautiful ladies that come through our studio!!


I love seeing how different our vision can be in the same photo shoot.  Here is Conni’s shot and my shot side by side…can you tell who is who?

Edmonton Boudoir Photography LIFEDOTSTYLE_0002

We are thinking about running some boudoir specials in the fall, leave a comment and let us know what you think!!

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