Kailey + Craig Millwoods Wedding

Kailey and Craig had their Millwoods Wedding on the absolute hottest day in 2015.  You would never know it, this wedding party is a bunch of rockstars!!!

First check out Kailey, just lounging on a tree in her wedding dress like the supermodel she is.

Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0394

Ok, I have skipped ahead a little bit, lets go back to the beginning. Kailey’s dress whs AMAZING!!!

Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0321Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0322What is better than a bridesmaid? A bridesmaid that can do your make-up (and make it stick all day long in the heat)!!!!Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0323Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0324Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0325Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0326Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0327I love the matching robes, seriously how much fun are these??!!Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0328Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0331Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0329Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0330Mmmmm, so much love in this house!Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0333Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0332Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0334

After the last minute touches Conni and I raced to the ceremony to catch the boys!! Um, hello handsome.

Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0338

Everything looked so pretty blowing in the light breeze.Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0337Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0335Here comes the briiiiide…Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0340Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0341Kailey might have brought a list 🙂Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0342Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0343Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0344I love this part of every wedding!! 🙂Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0345What an attractive wedding party!Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0393Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0392Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0354These guys were really serious about EVERYTHING, I mean it was hard to get them to smile 🙂Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0351Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0349Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0350Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0352Grrrrrrrrrrrr.Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0353Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0346I adore these two!!!!!Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0366Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0359Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0360Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0355Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0391Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0357Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0361Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0362Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0363Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0364Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0365Kailey, you are a stunning bride!Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0358Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0368Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0367I love that sign!!Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0370Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0386Such pretty decor, all done DIY style with the family’s help!!Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0371Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0372Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0373Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0374Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0375Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0387Dancing!!!!!Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0378Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0379The cake might have melted a little bit 😉Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0380Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0381Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0388The sun went down, the city cooled off and the party heated up!!Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0382Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0383Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0384Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0389

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