Katya+Jared River Cree Resort Wedding

Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0319A rainy Edmonton Weekend calls for a rainy blog post.  Katya and Jared had a stunning River Cree Resort wedding that perfectly reflected them!!Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0216Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0217One of Katya’s friends is an amazing make-up artist and she perfected Katya’s make-up in the River Cree bridal suite.Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0213I love the ombre bridesmaid dresses, they are so on-trend!!Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0219Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0220Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0210Jarred bought Katya a stunning necklace to wear on her Edmonton wedding day.Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0222Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0223Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0224Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0231Ilove all the personalized details Katya had, like “I Do” on the belt to her robe.Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0230

One of the nice things about a hotel wedding is that the boys are usually close by and it’s easy to drop by and check out what they are doing!!Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0225Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0228Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0227Ok, are you kidding me Jarred.  So Handsome!!!Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0229Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0236Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0238Cheers!!Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0237

Girls can cheers too!

Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0233

IThere is nothing better mimosas in the good light!!

Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0234

I love all the selfies!!

Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0235Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0231

So much laughter!Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0239

Seriously Katya, you are killing me with how stunning you are!!Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0240Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0241Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0242I can not get over this beauty!!!!! Katya you are staggering!!!Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0243Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0245Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0244

Last minute touch-ups and a phone call from family overseas that couldn’t make it to the wedding!! Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0246

Ready for the ceremony!
Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0247Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0248Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0249We have the best view of the wedding!!Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0250Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0251

I love when we get to be in the limo, everyone is so happy and in love!!!Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0252Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0253Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0254Um hello, how handsome is Katya’s husband???!!!Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0255Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0257Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0256

I loved this bridal party!! Seriously they were my favorite ever!!
Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0260

Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0261The groomsmen, what a fun bunch!! Seriously the groomsman in the hat had the best music.  I shazam’d some of his songs!! Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0263Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0264Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0258Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0259Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0265Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0268Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0266Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0267And then the rain came.Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0269Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0270Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0273Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0272Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0271Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0274Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0279Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0278Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0275Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0277Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0281Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0280Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0282

We always like to take the bride and groom for a couple of pictures without the wedding party.

Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0284Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0285Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0289Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0293Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0291Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0290Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0292Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0286Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0287Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0288Cakes by Candace made an amazing (and yummy) cake featuring my favorites Wall-E and EVE!!!!
Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0295Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0294Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0296Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0298Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0297Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0300Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0301Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0302Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0303Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0304Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0305Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0306Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0307Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0308Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0309Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0311
Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0310Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0312Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0313Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0316Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0315Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0314Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0318Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0317

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