An Edmonton Engagement | Byron and Lisa

Okay, so I am officially possibly the worlds worst blogger.  We shot Byron and Lisa’s engagement session during one of the last weeks of winter snow here in Edmonton (so really not THAT long ago) 🙂  Now the sun is shining and the snow is (hopefully) gone for the summer and I am finally blogging this session.  BTW the picture on the far right is totally one of my favorites ever.  Conni you are AMAZING,  just sayin’.Edmonton Wedding Photographers LIFEDOTSTYLE_0892

One of my favorite things is when Conni and I take the same shot and capture it totally differently.  My shot is on the left, Conni’s is on the right.

Edmonton Wedding Photographers LIFEDOTSTYLE_0893Have I mentioned the fact that it was still technically daytime and the moon was out???!!!!

Edmonton Wedding Photographers LIFEDOTSTYLE_0894Another one of those one shot from two views, only this time Conni’s shot is on the Left 🙂

Edmonton Wedding Photographers LIFEDOTSTYLE_0895The best (and worst) thing about late winter is puddles.

Edmonton Wedding Photographers LIFEDOTSTYLE_0896Mmmmm, is there a better way to warm up? Hot chocolate for everyone!!!!!

Edmonton Wedding Photographers LIFEDOTSTYLE_0898Edmonton Wedding Photographers LIFEDOTSTYLE_0897Edmonton Wedding Photographers LIFEDOTSTYLE_0899Edmonton Wedding Photographers LIFEDOTSTYLE_0900The sky was perfection!!!!  Totally the best way to end a session.  Byron and Lisa, you guys are the BEST!!!!

Edmonton Wedding Photographers LIFEDOTSTYLE_0901

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