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University of Alberta Wedding – Michelle + Cory


Michelle and Cory had a stunning University of Alberta wedding in the fall.  It was an unseasonably warm November, which was completely welcome after our snowy October!!



After an intimate ceremony we headed to the University of Alberta grounds for some portraits.  The girls look absolutely stunning (the boys were pretty handsome too). The Arts Building at the University is classic!!  Regardless of the season it looks beautiful!!!

P I NITSuch a classic backdrop!P I NITIsn’t Michelle STUNNING!!!???P I NITI mean seriously those eyes!P I NITCory is darn handsome too!P I NITKisses xoxoP I NITEvery time I see someone with pockets on their wedding dress I wish my wedding dress had pockets!  Pockets FTWP I NITIf you’re wondering what happened here, Cory stole Michelle’s coat. Seriously it might have been a warm November, but it was still November in Canada!P I NITShe got the coat back eventually!P I NITDoing the Captain MorganP I NITI love when the boys get into taking photos.  This group was hilarious!!P I NITP I NITCan you see how beautiful these girls are??!! I want to photograph all of their weddings!P I NITI love the shawls on the bridesmaids!P I NITThose eyes though!

P I NITSOOOOO pretty!P I NITThe red berries though!P I NITP I NITseriously SO many berries!P I NITP I NITP I NITLeaves!!P I NITYou guys are gorgeous!

P I NITI have always loved walking around the University grounds.  There are so many pretty buildings to explore!P I NITWe found some art on the University grounds!P I NITWhen photographing weddings we are always really serious.P I NITThen we went to The Parlour Italian Kitchen & Bar.

P I NITThese guys, dapper and useful.P I NITP I NITP I NITP I NIT

I wonder whats on the menu 🙂P I NITThe rings, so gorgeous!!!  I love a guy with diamonds on his rings.P I NITMichelle looks AMAZING in this window light!P I NITSeriously the prettiest venue ever!P I NITP I NITSnuggle close!P I NIT

P I NITP I NITP I NITDonut cake!!!!P I NITMichelle and Cory put these donuts from the Italian Center Shop at the door and you couldn’t walk by with smelling their yumminess!!P I NITCutest guest bookP I NITP I NITYum!!!P I NITxoxo

  • Michael - Love the creative framing using the blooms as well as the epic wide shots on the steps! Great job.ReplyCancel

  • Briana Morrison - What a sweet couple. I absolutely love the portraits by the dead vines. Beautiful!ReplyCancel

  • Jentry Dryden - Such a sweet wedding day! I love all the moments and portraits you captured!ReplyCancel

  • Michael Liedtke - Beautiful job documenting their wedding day! I’m sure they’ll be happy with these images for years to come!

  • Whitney - What a fun location! i love all of the pops of colors in the architecture and in nature!ReplyCancel

  • Mercedes - I love how fun they are and that they spent so much time doing portraits! Her dress is so awesome (pockets!) and their details are gorgeous. Nicely done!ReplyCancel

  • sweetpapermedia - i love everything about this! from the details, location and the guy’s suits! great work on capturing them!ReplyCancel

  • Chelsey - I am such a huge fan of your wedding photography it is so classic and clean! Edmonton is lucky to have you for a wedding photographer.ReplyCancel

  • Christie - What a creative job you did photographing this Edmonton wedding!! You are such a talented photographerReplyCancel

  • Chris - What a lovely job you did photographing this Edmonton wedding!! You are a wonderful photographerReplyCancel

  • Beth - WOW the University of Alberta is so beautiful! I love how you placed them under those cherry/crab apple trees. Beautiful work by an amazing Edmonton wedding photographer.ReplyCancel

  • Amanda - I love all the bold colors you captured for this wedding! I have a friend looking for a wedding photographer in Edmonton, I’m sending her your contact information right now!ReplyCancel

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