We work as a team because two heads are always better than one!

◊ Working in a team means we can capture different moments during your wedding day at the same time.  For example, while one of us is 100% focused on you walking down the aisle looking gorgeous on your special day, at that same moment we are capturing that once in a lifetime moment when your partner sees you for the first time!

◊ Working with the same person all the time means that we not only assist each other but we have also started to read each other’s minds!

◊ More variety and creativity: We often have two totally different perspectives on the same scene. This means that you receive a fuller gallery of images, with more variety than just a single photographer

◊ Having two photographers means there is always a second set of eyes ensuring details don’t get missed.

◊ The absolute best part of having Conni and Lisa photographing you is that there is always someone to step out from behind the camera and ensure the conversation and laughs keep flowing.

Here is what Conni says about her fabulous friend and business partner

◊ I love that Lisa is so cheerful – she is usually smiling or giggling about something and gets everybody laughing along with her!

◊ She is a talk radio junky – listening to everything from stories to news.  She always has something interesting to chat about!

◊ Wanna bust a move?  She has you beat!  She was a competitive tap dancer until her 2nd baby was born – now she is a committed dance mom driving her kids around the city and doing stage hair and makeup like a boss. (Plus she can still pull it out when the mood calls for it!)

Here is what Lisa says about her amazing business partner and friend

◊ Conni keeps us ON TIME – I lovingly refer to her as the “Time Master” – she LOVES time tables and schedules which is good because I don’t.

◊ I think she’s hilarious to watch movies and tv with because she covers her eyes and plugs her ears during “scary part” of shows.  I love to try to figure out what’s going to send her into “hiding”.

◊ She is a caring and thoughtful person who is always looking out for ways to make people more comfortable and at ease.  You’ll often see her carrying her stuff, my stuff and our client’s stuff too!

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