Glamor on Film

You might have noticed that I haven’t been updating this blog too often.  Conni and I are in the process of having a fantastic custom website built, and I have tried hard not to blog all the fantastic things we have been doing so that I have some amazing stuff to put on the new website that you haven’t seen before.  You might have also noticed that I have been shooting more and more film photography.  Film was my first love. I am that kid that saved up my money to buy a camera from the consumers distributing catalogue (I am totally dating myself). I was also that girl that took photography in high school and while I was always a tad impatient, watching images develop in the high school darkroom was always magical.  To me film is still magical.  It has the magic quality of making you slow down and really thing through everything you are going to photograph.  I have been photographing with colour film again for a few months, but my attempts at black & white were terrible, until I shot these.  Thank you Chetna for coming out to be my model and thank you Jill Coursen for sharing your tips and trick with me.  I am so blessed to have wonderful friends and a fantastic photography community all around me encouraging me and helping me grow!


Chetna shot on Kodak Tri-X using my Nikon N80 film camera and a variety of lenses (including my Lensbaby Edge 80).

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