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I started off this week SO excited to write a long and detailed  post about time capsule photography, then Conni and I  both got super sick with whatever bug is plaguing the Edmonton area at this moment.  We are actually so sick that we both had to miss the wedding season kick-off party  that is generally the highlight of our spring.  That’s why this post is going to be short and sweet.  For May’s creative exercise we wanted to “date” our photograph (which is so different  from our usual “timeless” approach).  Conni and I discussed lots of possibilities for this concept, then we thought  “we are in Mexico, where time and date don’t seem to matter”  then we thought what represents time more than an actual date?  And thus our time capsule photograph concept was born!

Edmonton Wedding Photography LIFEDOTSTYLE_0865



When you are done checking out our idea check out Michele Kendzie and her take on the concept “Time capsule”.

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