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Edmonton Branding Photos

Local small businesses and Influencers require Edmonton branding photos to form a cohesive social media and website presence.  What sets you apart from a larger corporations is your connection to your clients.  You are your business.  LifeDotStyle provides branding photography that includes not only what you do, but who you are. We love to create Edmonton branding photos that will attract loyal followers who love to see you, your process, and your products!  Our branding packages include a complimentary consultation where we work with you to create a comprehensive photo plan that will take your social media and website presence to the next level.  LifeDotStyle offers styled, personal and polished photos for all your media needs.  Choose from a stand alone session, or a monthly/quarterly subscription.
Five Reasons to hire a professional photographer to highlight your branding on your social media
1.  Put yourself in photos.  The world wants to see who you are and what you do!  Make yourself the face of your brand.
2. Time.  Free yourself up to do what you do best – sell your product instead of learning how to be a photographer.
3.  Social media is driven by photographs, set yourself apart and be noticed for having high quality images.
4. Curated authentic photos connects your followers to you and your brand.
5. Catch your brand in action.  What you do and how you do it connect you to you client and drive sales.