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Kinsmen Park Engagement Session

Kim and Jason chose Kinsmen park for their engagement session.  It has the perfect balance of wild grassy area and old buildings to make a farm boy and his cowboy boot wearing fiancee feel at home in the city.

engaged couple wears blue cuddles on grass in EdmontonP I NIT

The two of them met on a“girl’s camping trip” – where obviously there needed to be boys along!  So it was no surprise that they wanted  a more rustic feel for their Edmonton engagement photography session!

Engaged couple on wooden path at John Walter Museum photographyP I NIT

But not too rustic or Kim would have looked out of place in her stunning white lace dress.

engaged couple kisses at John Walter MuseumP I NIT

The dress was the perfect outfit to wear while kissing all over the wooden pathways John Walter Museum in Kinsmen Park.

engaged couple in front of white house at John Walter MuseumP I NIT

And Kinsmen’s John Walter museum had the perfect buildings to add some charm to their engagement session!

John Walter Museum photography session with couple in front of wooden XP I NITBlack and White photo of engaged couple in trees at Kinsmen parkP I NIT

We couldn’t resist spending a moment sitting on the steps of John Walter’s green house and letting the engaged couple have a snuggle.

a green wall at John Walter Museum and an Engaged coupleP I NITcouples portrait at John Walter Museum during engagement sessionP I NIT

After the museum we went for a little walk in Kinsmen park, always stopping for snuggles and twirls along the way!

White dress engagement photos at Kinsmen park.P I NITgirl in white dress dances in Kinsmen Park EdmontonP I NITBlack & White silhouette of couple during engagement shootP I NITEdmonton engaged couple kisses in Kinsmen parkP I NIT

Then this trooper of a bride-to-be hopped up on the railway bridge so have a snuggle with her future husband.

couple sits under rail bridge at Kinsmen park EdmontonP I NIT

After that little stroll int eh park it was time for a change of clothing.  The couple changed into blue and cowboy boots, the perfect outfits for swinging on a tire swing!

couple kisses over tire swing during Edmonton engagment photography sessionP I NITcouple kisses over tire swing during engagment photography session.P I NIT

Edmonton couple wears blue and cowboy boots for Engagement session.P I NITMy favorite part of Jason is how he makes Kim giggle!

Couple in love hugging by a white fence in EdmontonP I NITBut I also love how tender he is with her!!A piggyback ride and an engaged couple in EdmontonP I NITWe are so lucky!!  Conni and I get to meet sweet couples like Kim and Jason.  We really have the best job in the world!Conni Pohl photographer at Life Dot Style take a picture of an engaged coupleP I NIT


  • Catie Riggs - Is this park in Edmonton? What a gorgeous setting for engagement photos!ReplyCancel

  • Catie Riggs - Is this park in Edmonton? What a gorgeous setting for engagement photos!ReplyCancel

  • Ashley - What a lovely couple! I love the feel of these and the Edmonton park setting for their engagement photos! The Museum building just adds to it! Awesome work!ReplyCancel

  • jessica - Another stunning location! The brides and grooms of Edmonton are so lucky to have amazing locations and an amazing engagement photographer!ReplyCancel

  • Alex Sayles - What a beautiful engagement session! I can’t wait to see their wedding photos. Edmonton looks beautiful, if I am in the area I will have to contact you for an engagement session!ReplyCancel

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