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Justine and Dylan Urban Engagement

Justine and Dylan hung out with us on a rooftop for their urban engagement session!

Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0479P I NITI met Justine over an amazing latte at Remedy Cafe and I instantly fell in love with her!!!!! She is bubbly, fun and her Kylie lip kit lips were jealousy inducing!!

Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0470P I NITSo it isn’t surprising that when I met Dylan I liked him lots too <3

Justine&DylanES_3P I NITof course they are also ridiculously cute together.  Seriously I think we giggled our whole way through the session!!

Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0477P I NITEdmonton Wedding Photographer_0471P I NITactually the truth is they were either giggling or I was making them run 😉Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0473P I NITor we were making them dance.  Do you see that hair flip?????Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0476P I NITI love YEG and double exposures!!!!!Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0474P I NITEdmonton Wedding Photographer_0478P I NITAre you kidding me with all this love?!?!?!Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0480P I NITJustine you are SOOOOOO beautiful <3 <3Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0481P I NITJustine and Dylan we loved meeting you, getting to know you and photographing your amazing wedding!!!!Edmonton Wedding Photographer_0482P I NITEdmonton Wedding Photographer_0483P I NIT

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