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Most of you may already know that Lisa is the extrovert to my introvert and the reason we have any social media at all.  But today I take over the blog to tell you what an amazing person she is and honour her on this her birthday!!

10543546_10152622539486212_2353530550822410816_oP I NITShe is honestly the hardest working individual that I know – not only being a mom to three beautiful humans but also working as a NICU nurse and then turning around and shooting sessions/weddings/projects at full capacity.  I swear she’s figured out how to add hours on to the week – or clone herself.  🙂



I wanted to take over the blog for one day to say how much I appreciate you Lisa!  Sometimes I can’t believe that our partnership is going on 5 years now and how well we work together being two completely different persons.  I love that you are not only my business partner but dear friend as well.Edmonton Family Photographer_0059P I NITCheers to Lisa – Happy Birthday!

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