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Karen and Brian’s fall wedding

Karen and Brian are amazing dancers, amazing people and pretty much fantastic is every way you can think of!! Conni and I were totally honored to photograph their Edmonton fall wedding.

Edmonton-Wedding_Photography_0038P I NIT

Karen got ready at her mom’s house surrounded by family and friends. Her dress and Jewelry were stunning.

Edmonton-Wedding_Photography_0003P I NITEdmonton-Wedding_Photography_0004P I NITEdmonton-Wedding_Photography_0005P I NIT

And her RING!!!! So amazing 🙂

Edmonton-Wedding_Photography_0006P I NIT

But the best part of the morning was all the wonderful people helping Karen out and surrounding her with love.

Edmonton-Wedding_Photography_0009P I NITEdmonton-Wedding_Photography_0008P I NIT

Edmonton-Wedding_Photography_0012P I NITEdmonton-Wedding_Photography_0011P I NIT

Edmonton-Wedding_Photography_0007P I NITEdmonton-Wedding_Photography_0013P I NIT

After Karen’s dramatic stairway exit, Conni and I hurried over to the church. Edmonton-Wedding_Photography_0014P I NIT

And we met up with Brian (and his AMAZING wedding style).

Edmonton-Wedding_Photography_0015P I NITEdmonton-Wedding_Photography_0016P I NIT

I love the last minute flurry of activity before everyone walks down the aisle.

Edmonton-Wedding_Photography_0017P I NITEdmonton-Wedding_Photography_0018P I NIT

Edmonton-Wedding_Photography_0019P I NITEdmonton-Wedding_Photography_0020P I NIT

I love that grandma is getting in on the photography action!

Edmonton-Wedding_Photography_0021P I NITEdmonton-Wedding_Photography_0022P I NIT

Edmonton-Wedding_Photography_0023P I NITEdmonton-Wedding_Photography_0024P I NIT

After the Ceremony we all headed to Starbucks for a quick coffee.  Brian even bout me my favourite (an Americano Mmmmm).

Edmonton-Wedding_Photography_0030P I NITEdmonton-Wedding_Photography_0029P I NIT

Edmonton-Wedding_Photography_0031P I NIT

Then, Starbucks in hand, we caught some of the golden late afternoon light and some of the last of the fall colour!

Edmonton-Wedding_Photography_0027P I NITEdmonton-Wedding_Photography_0025P I NIT

I am seriously in love with Brian’s style.  His suit is AMAZING!!

Edmonton-Wedding_Photography_0026P I NITEdmonton-Wedding_Photography_0028P I NIT

The Bridal party was SO much fun too!!

Edmonton-Wedding_Photography_0032P I NITEdmonton-Wedding_Photography_0033P I NITEdmonton-Wedding_Photography_0034P I NITEdmonton-Wedding_Photography_0039P I NITEdmonton-Wedding_Photography_0040P I NIT

Seriously the next two images sum up this whole wedding party. Fantastically silly 🙂

Edmonton-Wedding_Photography_0041P I NITEdmonton-Wedding_Photography_0042P I NIT

But the real stars of the show were of course Brian and Karen.  They are hopelessly, over the moon in love with each other.

Edmonton-Wedding_Photography_0036P I NIT

Edmonton-Wedding_Photography_0035P I NIT

Edmonton-Wedding_Photography_0037P I NIT

A train blocked us from leaving, which just means it’s champagne time!!

Edmonton-Wedding_Photography_0043P I NIT

Then off to the enchanting reception.

Edmonton-Wedding_Photography_0044P I NITEdmonton-Wedding_Photography_0050P I NITEdmonton-Wedding_Photography_0045P I NITEdmonton-Wedding_Photography_0046P I NIT

Edmonton-Wedding_Photography_0047P I NITEdmonton-Wedding_Photography_0049P I NITEdmonton-Wedding_Photography_0048P I NITEdmonton-Wedding_Photography_0051P I NITEdmonton-Wedding_Photography_0052P I NITEdmonton-Wedding_Photography_0053P I NIT

I told you Karen and Brian are amazing dancers.  Here is some proof 🙂

Edmonton-Wedding_Photography_0054P I NITEdmonton-Wedding_Photography_0055P I NIT

SO emotional!!  Seriously seriously I cried!

Edmonton-Wedding_Photography_0056P I NITEdmonton-Wedding_Photography_0057P I NITEdmonton-Wedding_Photography_0058P I NIT

Then it was PARTY time!!

Edmonton-Wedding_Photography_0059P I NIT






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